CEU Summer Courses 2015

The Central European University in Budapest announces its 2015 SUN program (www.summer.ceu.hu). The course list can be found below. The program poster or specific course flyers can be downloaded from http://www.summer.ceu.hu/node/88.

We invite applications from graduate students, junior or post-doctoral researchers, teachers and professionals in the social sciences and humanities. The general application deadline is February 14, 2015. Financial aid is available for most courses.

Please feel free to forward this email to individuals, listservs, blogs, electronic journals, etc. and/or have a short announcement placed on a relevant web site or social media portal.

2015 Course List

Research-Intensive courses:

* Cities and Science: Urban History and the History of Science in the Study of Early Modern and Modern Europe
* Constitution-building in Africa
* Luminosus Limes: Geographical, Ethnic, Social and Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity
* Moral Phenomenology
* National Identity at the Crossroads
* Ontology and Metaontology
* Performing Romani Identities: Strategy and Critique
* Political Psychology
* Religious Violence in Global Perspective
* The City Uploaded: Urban Intersections of Film and New Media
* Wealth and Poverty in Late Antique Rome

Policy and Training courses

* Alternative Dispute Resolution Summer School
– International Business Negotiation
– Mediation Theory and Skills
* Bridging ICTs and Environment – Innovations in Disaster Risk Management
* Bridging ICTs and Environment – Making Information Talk and Technologies Work for Water Security: Remote Sensing
* Green Industry: Pathways Towards the Industry of the Future
* Innovative Financing for Education: Arguments, Options and Implications
* Leadership and management for Integrity
– LMI – Integrity Building and Closing the Loop: How can we mainstream integrity and feedback in development?
– LMI – SMEs and Social Enterprises: Maximising Success with Integrity
– LMI – Teaching Integrity: Classroom, Campus and Community-Based Integrity Building
* Policy Design and Evaluation: A Course for Civil Servants
* Strategic Human Rights Litigation
* The Precautionary Principle: governance of innovation and innovations in governance