The Vlaamse Werkgroep Mediëvistiek (Flemish Medievalist Association) is an informal organisation uniting medieval scholars from various disciplines: from (art) history, linguistics and literature to archaeologists. At present, it numbers approximately 100 members, mostly based at Flemish universities and heritage organisations. Anyone with an interest in medieval studies may become a member.


The main aim of the VWM is to support medieval studies and promote the multidisciplinary collaboration of medievalists in Flanders and beyond. With this purpose, the VWM organises events and disseminates information.

Each year, VWM organises approximately five activities. The most important amongst these is the prestigious Pirenne Lecture, given each year by an eminent foreign researcher. Other events are aimed at giving young postgraduates the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from experienced researchers (the Doctorandidag), and more broadly at promoting collaboration and the exchange of information between members. Biannually, the VWM organises a thematic symposium with its Walloon sister organisation Réseau des médiévistes belges de langue française.

In addition to maintaining this website, the VWM keeps its members informed by distributing announcements, calls and other relevant news to the members by mail and through its Facebook page. It also maintains and distributes a register of members with details on research expertise and interests.


VWM is managed by two ‘secretaries’, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Working Group and the organisation of activities. They also serve to maintain the VWM’s contacts and respond to questions and proposals. The VWM is headed by an advisory board formed by experienced medievalists and a representation of postgraduate students.

More information and membership

If you require more information, wish to see relevant news or requests distributed through our contacts, or want to become a member, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the secretaries through the form below.