Workshop “Urban Immigration Policies in England and the Low Countries (1300-1900)” (Gent, 24/11)

The IAP 7/26 ‘City & Society’ co-organizes with the AHRC-project ‘England’s Immigrants, 1330-1550’ a one day workshop on “Urban Immigration Policies in England and the Low Countries (1300-1900)“. This Workshop takes place on monday 24 November 2014 in Het Pand in Ghent. Throughout the Premodern period, immigration has been one of the most decisive factors shaping the physical and social landscapes of European cities and towns. The arrival of skilled and less skilled newcomers created opportunities and conflicts, impacted labour markets and, ultimately, changed the composition and the outlook of urban populations. Because of its importance, immigration set the political agenda and forced urban authorities to develop specific policies or to adapt measures taken on a national level to local circumstances. This one day workshop wants to consider the conditions that structured the political debate and decision making about immigrants in Premodern cities and towns. It will centre on England and the Low Countries, two areas with an intense mutual exchange of people, goods and ideas. Covering the period from 1300 to 1900, the workshop will bridge the traditional divide between later Middle Ages and Early Modern and Modern Period and focus on longer term trends.
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