Nieuw tijdschrift: The Medieval Low Countries

NEW: The Medieval Low Countries
The Medieval Low Countries. An Annual Review is a new peer-reviewed journal featuring articles on the Low Countries (viewed in its broadest sense as the estuaries of Scheldt, Meuse, Rhine and IJssel with their corresponding hinterlands), from the start of the fifth to the second half of the sixteenth century. During these centuries this was one of the major centers of economic, cultural, religious and social creativity in Europe. By publishing the best of new scholarship concerning the region over the course of the Middle Ages, The Medieval Low Countries will make these achievements more fully visible and help display the connections between changes in each domain. At the same time, the journal will provide a forum for exchange and cooperation between both established and upcoming scholars in several disciplines, whether in Europe, the United States, or beyond.
The MLC will be published as a single volume, once a year. The editors will consider submissions from a wide range of disciplines (history, law, religion, art, architecture, literature, etc.). Articles that have an interdisciplinary or comparative scope and are carefully situated in the literature from relevant disciplines are especially welcome, whether in the form of an article presenting new research, a review essay or a short text edition. The journal will also include relevant book reviews. The articles will be in English or French.
Subscription price: € 85 print/print & online (incl. shipping)